How many people took part in this weeks election? Of that, how many voted based on  the local candidate and how many went with the party as a whole? I know that’s pretty much the same question, but sometimes staying with the local guy will help with local problems. Enough. Here is the real question, How many of us understood the big picture; and how many of us went in thinking that one vote won’t change the landscape?

How does the preamble relate to recruiting, sourcing and our place in the scheme of things?  Its all about the perception. What you think versus what you know (to be true).  Perception of reputation is important in many businesses, but ours (and the politicians) more than others.

WE have to be seen as the ones who can get any job done at any time; or at least have a vision on what the finished job will look like. Whether it’s lining up candidates or helping to touch-up any company department that seems to have become stagnant. And unlike those who were running for office., we have to be both visible and accountable. Ours is a business where presence and perception are everything.

As long as all perceptions are positive, then everything is good. However if we even think for a second that someone is judging our abilities; we become frazzled. The better the image we project, and the more projects we can do on time and saving money, then the more our services will be sought after. We have to give off the perception at all times that we are in control, and that our team will see the task through to a fruitful conclusion.

Add perception to the list we began weeks ago; its yet another thing we portray in every activity we do, and in every conversation we have, both business and personal.  When we realize the importance of this, and we add it to our ever growing tool-belt of techniques, and processes, we become more in control of our eventual destiny; and our client list will become longer with our success.

To be continued…


About The Daniel J. Smith

Daniel J. Smith is a Peer Supporter, Public speaker, Writer and Presenter. Daniel carries a belief that all people have an opinion and deserve to be heard; especially those who are living a life that provides more questions than answers. Daniel is a survivor, and through his desire to support peers in similar situations to himself; hopefully a conversation can be started in a positive focus. Daniel has lived in the self harm arena and the mental health/illness arena long enough to know that there is always time to..take1moreday. Thanks for coming by.

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