“It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends”- Dominique Pirolo, 2011

It is an interesting thought that we would give that much power over our affairs to people who may not always have our best interest at thought.

Dealing with those who go against the grain is nothing new, so to think these individuals will agree to your ideals is quite a stretch. Its those whom we refer to as friends that deserve to be watched every once in a while. These are the people whom we trust to bounce ideas off of when we need a sounding board, or show projects to that are not ready to be started. These are the people who’s opinion we value at key times; and who we look to for advice when the times are not so kind.

Do they always have the honesty to do what is right for your affairs? Or do they simply accept any idea and tell you what you want to hear; whether or not it is what you should hear.

That creates a rather fine line in any relationship; as these are the people we trust with secrets we don’t feel need to be shared with family, yet who have a way of swaying our thoughts with one or two well placed words.

It is at those times, when our opinion has been challenged (possibly for no real reason other than because it could) that we are both most vulnerable, and need to catch a second wind.  The fact that we let others affect us to that degree is amazing (both in the good and the bad sense of the word) as there could be real problems should we bow in the wrong direction.  Its one thing to share an opinion with someone else, or a “potential” business strategy, but truly we have to keep in mind that the final decision now and always should be our own.

At the end of the day, when everything has fallen to shambles at our feet; who is going to accept the blame? Not your friends, because all they ever offer is words of encouragement and support. They could never possibly steer you wrong. If the project didn’t work out, they will however, be the first to tell you that it wasn’t your time, that the cards were stacked against you, that it was natures way of saying you were too successful anyway, and just needed a little grounding!

The last point may possibly be true, but for someone to purposely steer you wrong just because they could means that the responsibility for that decision must rest squarely on your shoulders. 

Friends are good to let loose and possibly forget your cares for a little while; but in the world of business, and for the goals we hold dear to become reality, we should not bend to any one opinion. Rather we should listen to it, and then weigh it rationally with all the information we have at hand.  This will allow for a well rounded decision; one we can move forward on; which will leave no bad feelings because we listened to the wrong opinion.  This is just a sound strategy….and Something To Think About.

Have a great weekend!


About The Daniel J. Smith

Daniel J. Smith is a Peer Supporter, Public speaker, Writer and Presenter. Daniel carries a belief that all people have an opinion and deserve to be heard; especially those who are living a life that provides more questions than answers. Daniel is a survivor, and through his desire to support peers in similar situations to himself; hopefully a conversation can be started in a positive focus. Daniel has lived in the self harm arena and the mental health/illness arena long enough to know that there is always time to..take1moreday. Thanks for coming by.

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