Tweet chats are conversations or discussions which take place using Twitter. I had the honour of taking part in two of them this week, (#radchat on Tuesday evening and #T-chat on Wednesday evening) and was impressed with what I saw.  The passion which people displayed when expressing their points on a particular question was nothing short of contagious.

As a relative new-comer to the experience, I fully expected to just observe; meaning sit at my PC and watch the action as it unfolded, allowing the veterans of the industry control the session, while I tried to see how my opinion would mesh with those more established than myself.  Guess What? That lasted all of 5 minutes before I felt I had to get involved.  That seems to be the key to these things, Involvement: Everyone has an opinion and in this forum, they are invited to share.

There are no right or wrong answers to the questions, just an exchange of ideas on the topic of the day.  Being limited to 140 characters at a time proved unique, as a lot of the thoughts had to be reworked to fit the format, or short-form lingo and tweet-speak becomes the manner of speaking.  Should your point exceed the allotted number of characters; you could sometimes finish your thought if you type quick enough before another point of view is offered.  There are many strings of conversation going on, and a lot of people “walking” from one conversation to another- offer their insight and move on to the next one.

Participation, as I soon learned is not only accepted; its expected as everyone does have an opinion to share on pretty much anything, and as the old adage goes “You only get out of it; What you put in to it” and these gatherings are one big melting pot of ideas.

The best way to get involved is to watch your Twitter feeds or Facebook feed for a time and a hashtag for the upcoming meetup. As the time approaches; search out an application like “Tweetgrid” or something similar, which allows you to ‘kind-of’ track the direction of the focus, as well as try to give you the opportunity to ‘tweet’ at the appropriate time, rather than minutes after the conversation has moved on.

If you ask me; this is how all town-meetings should be held; albeit with a limit on number of participants….A lot of the world issues could be addressed and possibly corrected.

Something To Think About……Until the next gathering of the clan

©2011 thedanieljsmith


About The Daniel J. Smith

Daniel J. Smith is a Peer Supporter, Public speaker, Writer and Presenter. Daniel carries a belief that all people have an opinion and deserve to be heard; especially those who are living a life that provides more questions than answers. Daniel is a survivor, and through his desire to support peers in similar situations to himself; hopefully a conversation can be started in a positive focus. Daniel has lived in the self harm arena and the mental health/illness arena long enough to know that there is always time to..take1moreday. Thanks for coming by.

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