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I selected this post by copyblogger because this is one of those pieces you can read once but it really comes to life when you’re writing that article, blog post, curating someone elses piece.


There are so many valuable insights and suggestions, it’s definitely worth reading and keeping for those days when you need creative inspiration.


Here are a few things that caught my attention:


*GREAT CURATORS Understand your readers. Know their fears, dreams, and desires. How can you engage with someone you don’t understand?


**Don’t write for a large audience. Choose one person, picture him, and write to him as if he’s a friend.


**Use a conversational tone of voice. Nobody wants to chat with a company.


**Be engaging. Using the word you is the most powerful way to be more engaging.


Be remarkable. So much content is out there, how can you stand out?


**GREAT Creation or Curation comes from CONTEXT Disclose your point of view, tell your personal story, and develop your own voice.


**If your readers feel they know you, they will connect with you.


**Use familiar language. Check Twitter, Facebook or Google’s Keyword Tool – and find the wording your readers use.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering “Content Marketing and Beyond”


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